The Growing Tree Animation

Growing tree on a building

The whole I’ve passed infront of the pc trying to do something that I didn’t know how to do but I knew that I’ll do it. So this is the result of the animation for the Grohe event.

It was made in 3ds Max with a particle effects. Thanks to the tutorials that you can find in the previous posts.

Here is the finished animation.

And here are some outtakes of the animation



Particles in 3ds Max


I am currently studying a way of making particles in 3ds Max, The picture above is an example.

Thanks to the  Author:  Tudor Nita  and his tutorial I hade some success.





(Click to watch the video) Here is a first draft of an animation for the visuals.

We are currently working on an event for ‘Fuorisalone 2012‘.That is part of the biggest Furniture & Design Far in the World ‘Salone Del Mobile 2012’
Grohe S.p.A Italy has commisioned us to create a dream SPA space at their Showroom in Milan Italy

I and my friend Claudio Jambusso are part of the bigger team that presented the Concept for the Grohe SPA event that will be held 17 to 22 April 2012.Now two of us need to prepare the Visuals for the event.

This animation was created thanks to the detailed tutorial and materials from